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We are based in Crewe and serving local residents on their door step (if required).

But, we also performing tests in Stoke-on-Trent and Warrington. Please get in touch if you unsure with area. 

It’s mandatory to perform two Covid-19 tests after international travel. You’re required to perform a test on or before day 2 for variant surveillance and another test on or after day 8 of your quarantine to check you do not have coronavirus.

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How do we do the test?

We have mobile PCR COVID19 tests around Crewe, Warrington and Stoke-on-Trent. Our colleagues can attend your location or on the car park in Crewe to carry out the test. They will be wearing PPE, so you can recognize them; and of course PPE to protect you both. If we coming out to you, than you do not need to let us into the house. If you coming into our car park in Crewe, you are staying in the car while you doing test and as soon as its done, you are free to go. 
The test can be done at the doorway/porch etc. But shelter from the elements would be appreciated.
The testing process only takes a few minutes to perform and assistant has all equipment on and required to do this.


Day 2 and Day 8 Home testing kit will be sent out to your home address on or before day 2 and on day 8. 

You will be asked to fill in and complete ALL INFORMATION on the card with your flight details, including the email address that you want the results sent to (if applicable).
Once the our collogue has collected the swab, they will deliver the sample to the laboratory, in Liverpool, UK.

Further information on how to perform the home testing swab, please click here