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Private Medical Testing Centre

Easy Medical Centre is a Private Medical establishment located in Crewe, Cheshire. Our services cover a wide variety of medical tests i.e. bloods, urine, stool samples. 

We take a blood tests from children from 12 years old upwards. 

We offer over 200 medical tests to meet the demands of private and professional life. Once the sample - blood, urine or stool - is tested, a customer will receive a comprehensive certificate from UKAS accredited lab. It can be taken to a GP or a private medical professional if necessary. 

Easy Medical Centre is here for you to gauge your health and help you move the needle. 

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Paternity test

Paternity testing is a highly accurate method of identifying whether a man is a child’s biological father.

For a peace of mind paternity test, cheek (buccal) swabs are used to collect cheek cell DNA from the alleged father(s) and the child.

These samples can then be analysed and compared in the laboratory to identify matching DNA markers (loci) in the DNA samples.

Every person inherits half of their DNA from each of their biological parents, so such a comparison can help us to establish the probability of paternity.

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Easy Medical Centre has a fully qualified sample collector who is available around the clock, every day of the year. This is ideal if you require sample collection as part of scheduled workplace testing, short notice for random testing or ‘for cause’ testing.

Our workplace sample collectors follow strict procedures to ensure the chain of custody is retained and that confidentiality remains throughout the whole testing process. This means that our workplace testing results are legally defensible. This is particularly important if the person being tested is likely to take legal action to contest the results of the test for any reason.


Clinic opening hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:  09:00 - 17:00

Tuesday: 09:00 - 18:00

Saturday:  appointments only

Sunday:  Closed

For more information on appointments hours or clinic walk-in, please get in touch. 

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