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Intolerance Testing

Introducing the Most Advanced and Comprehensive Intolerance Test.

Get an all-inclusive intolerance test for over 900 food and non-food items, metal sensitivities, digestive health, and gut biome analysis with our fast results service.

Experience the UK’s most comprehensive and cost-effective intolerance test.

Our state-of-the-art testing technology analyses 4 to 5 strands of hair to detect 900+ food and non-food sensitivities, including gluten, lactose, milk, wheat, and egg intolerance.

The Ultimate Test goes beyond just identifying sensitivities by offering a complete analysis of your gut biome, digestive health, nutritional deficiencies, and common metal sensitivities, giving you the power to adjust your diet accordingly.


Embrace your uniqueness and learn what your body truly needs.

We are testing the following items: 

  • Food Items (Lactose, Dairy, Wheat & Gluten Items Included)

  • Non-Food Items (inc. cat, dog and more)

  • Festive Food, Drink & Alcohol Items

  • Metal Sensitivities

  • Vitamin and Mineral Analysis

  • E numbers Analysis

  • Digestive Health Analysis

  • Gut Biome Analysis

  • Metabolism Analysis

What will you get..

  • Home/ in clinic Intolerance Testing kit (choose an option on the checkout) 

  • Your Personalised Intolerance Test Report Emailed within 5 - 7 working days from samples received in the lab

  • Free Home Kit Delivery & Return Hair Sample Postage

  • Elimination Diet Recommendations

This is how would your report look like

How does it work?

  1. Choose the right package for you, either single test or family pack (x2 tests)​

  2. Place an order for free Home Delivery 

  3. Follow the instruction provided within the box

  4. Post your box using prepaid envelope and keep prove of postage