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What is and why you need 

DNA Health and Epigenetic

The Easy Medical DNA Health profile goes beyond your core DNA results and looks at further Health Insights to help you improve your everyday life.

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Our Mission is - Support you

With Easy Medical DNA Health you’ll also have the ability to access the workout planner that’s aligned to your genetic make up and a meal guide hyper-personalised to you with 100’s of recipes!

We use epigenetic analysis to determine a selection of reports you won't find from our competitors. This is what we do and we have a dedicated team of award winning scientists to make sure your results are accurate and useful.

What's Involved?

A DNA test is very easy to do. All that’s needed is a small amount of saliva to take a sample of cells.


Your whole genetic story will be in these few cells.


The sample is then analysed in our laboratory and then Easy Medical partner team of experts in sports science, nutrition and health, who understand all the current research, interpret the results for you.


What Are The DNA Reports?

With any DNA Kit from Easy Medical you will receive access to a raft of reports that will better equip you for whatever lies ahead. 


Learn how your body responds to certain foods. Use information about genetic weaknesses to plan ahead. Understand about your personal exercise recovery times. And be a master of vitamin and supplement combinations tailored to you.


Your DNA profile looks at many different areas in relation to your diet. From how your body responds to carbohydrates to your risk of being lactose intolerant, with many more in between.


Carbohydrate response

Protein response

Lactose intolerance risk

Yoyo diet response

Fat distribution

Metabolic rate

Snacking risk

Bitter taste threshold

Overeating sweet foods

Sugar response

Saturated fats response

Unsaturated fats benefit


Get to know important areas of your health affected by your genetic makeup. Such as your genetic risk of infections (colds and flu).


Caffeine sensitivity

Genetic bone mineral density

Genetic obesity risk

Genetic Type 2 diabetes risk

Genetic infection risk (colds/Flu)

What DNA Health Reports Are There?

Diet Carbohydrate response, Saturated fats response, Unsaturated fats benefit, Protein response, Sugar response, Overeating sweet foods, Bitter taste threshold, Snacking risk, Metabolic rate, Fat distribution, Yoyo diet response, Lactose intolerance risk.

Health - Caffeine sensitivity, Genetic bone mineral density, Genetic obesity risk, Genetic Type 2 diabetes risk, Genetic infection risk (colds/Flu).

Physical - Muscle power, Muscle stamina, O2 Usage, Anaerobic threshold, Recovery rate, Muscle mass, Injury risk, Inflammation response, Lean body mass, Power-to-weight ratio, Exercise effect on weight.

Vitamins - Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folate, Selenium, Omega-3, Calcium, Choline.

Supplements - BCAAs benefit, Choline benefit, Glutamine benefit, Creatine benefit, Beta-Alanine benefit, Arginine benefit

What Epigenetic Reports Are There?

Biological Age

Your biological age is a true reflection of your inner health and can vary from your chronological age. Discover your true age and find out ways to improve it so your inner self stays youthful.


Memory Age

There are ever increasing links between ageing and memory loss or more serious brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Taking steps to improve your memory will play an important part in our lives as we grow older.

Hearing Age

The difference between your genetic hearing age and chronological hearing age is calculated by taking the average methylation status of the genes associated with affecting your hearing for people within your age range.

Eye Age

Fundamentally, there are two main areas that we need to improve to try and reduce eye degeneration, which are inflammation and oxidisation. With both playing a crucial part in sustaining your eye health.


Inflammation can be somewhat of a double edged sword; in one instance it is required by the body to help promote tissue repair and recovery as well as fighting off nasty bugs and viruses.

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