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Get Reliable DNA Paternity Testing for Court in Crewe, UK

DNA analysis can be used in many practical ways. Ancestry research can teach you much about your history and background, migration patterns, and other interesting facts. You can also use it in forensics to either clear or convict criminal defendants.

In addition to its many other applications, DNA testing has been instrumental in recovering numerous missing person cases. When DNA is used to reunite living people, it often results in poignant stories of discovery and reconciliation.

When DNA is used to identify a deceased person, the state's bureau of inquiry can finally close such cold cases, bringing closure and peace of mind to the victim's relatives.

Why Opt for a DNA Paternity Test?

There are several situations in which you might need to do a paternity test in several situations, each of which will necessitate a different kind of test. If you just want to take a test for your peace of mind and curiosity's sake, an at-home kit or an educational test that isn't required by law will do. If you require a test for legal purposes. However, it must be one that the court will accept as evidence. The following scenarios may call for a formal legal test.

What Happens in a DNA Paternity Test?

Only a legally binding DNA paternity test from Cellmark can establish a man's paternity. Paternity testing may be necessary due to the following situations:

  • Privately seeking legal custody of a child while also attempting to identify the child's biological father

  • The process of updating a child's birth certificate

  • In reply to a child support complaint.

How Can I Get a DNA Sample?

Getting a DNA test is quick and easy. A sterile swab is rubbed gently along the inside of the cheek to gather skin cells with unique DNA. Participating individuals employ a total of four swabs. DNA extracted from cheek skin cells can be used in place of blood and is just as accurate and reliable.

During a legal verification, we make multiple copies of each person's identification and capture their picture using a digital camera. Collecting and storing the samples and the necessary paperwork for the chain of custody are always updated. This meticulous method results in a test that can be used in court.

Response Times for Results

The at-home test kits come with a postage-paid envelope for the immediate return of results to the lab. Sometimes, they aren’t given even after 10 business days. Results from either the informative or legal test are usually achieved within two business days after the samples have been transported overnight to the lab for testing at lab collection sites. Same-day or next-business-day turnaround is available for an extra charge.

How Accurate is a DNA Test to Determine Paternity?

We can determine a child's paternity by analysing a DNA sample with up to 24 "markers" in our testing facility. It produces precise results that either definitively rule out or strongly imply the man's paternity with high confidence (usually greater than 99.9999%).

Why Choose Easy Medical Centre?

Samples from the mother are always recommended since they provide the most definitive results. Your paternity test in Easy Medical Centre will be handled with the seriousness, precision, and care it deserves. It is the best DNA Paternity Testing in Crewe in the UK.

Our relationship analysis is precise, high-quality, and dependable since we run every test twice using cutting-edge DNA profiling technology.

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