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What is the Best DNA Health Test?

Learning more about your DNA helps you understand how common you are with family members, about your ethnic origin, and address genealogy-related issues. These advantages of DNA testing are commonly discussed, but a less popular usage in the genealogy community is finding out about your health. Your genes also carry information about your ancestry and how your body will react to different types of diet, sleep, exercise, and other factors. Commercial DNA tests are placing more and more emphasis on the outcomes related to health. Keep reading to find out why you should get DNA health testing.

What does DNA Health Testing Mean?

Each human has 23 pairs of human chromosomes containing many genes. A gene is a section of DNA that has instructions for how a cell behaves encoded into it. All living things share some DNA with humans (even other animals, such as cats and dogs). Despite how diverse we may at times appear to be, humans share 99.5% of the same DNA. All of the biological variations among people are accounted for by the genes that account for that 0.5% difference.

DNA Health Testing typically requires you to provide a saliva sample, which you must then mail to a lab for examination. You'll get a link to examine your results online a few weeks later. Health DNA tests often yield three pieces of information depending on the provider. They are as follows:

Genetic Health Risk Reports

They are also known as risk predisposition reports that tell you if genetic variations are linked to an elevated risk for hereditary breast cancer, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's. It means that you don't have the condition just because you have a version of it, but you are more likely to get it. Most illnesses can be prevented or developed based on lifestyle and environment. Additionally, these tests might not pick up on all of the genetic risk factors for the ailment, and you could still develop the condition even if you are not genetically inclined to it.

Carrier Status Reports

This DNA health testing helps you know whether you have genetic variation linked to a particular genetic condition, like cystic fibrosis or hereditary hearing loss. The mutation often does not affect your health, but you could pass it on to your offspring. There is typically a 25% probability that a child will develop an illness if both parents are carriers for that disease-causing variation.

Wellness Reports

Wellness reports help you understand various aspects of your health and wellness, such as your weight, food metabolism, and body's vitamin absorption, which are all impacted by your genes, according to wellness reports. A few exams also assess physical stamina, lactose tolerance, and gluten sensitivity.

Why Choose us?

For many years, Easy Tests has offered both genetic genealogy and health-related DNA data for you. Our DNA health testing lets you know more about your health and how your body responds. Your samples are sent to a medical professional, and the results are sent to you so you can know yourself better. Visit our website or book an appointment right away!

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