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Hepatitis B Sexual Health Testing: Symptoms and Treatment

Hepatitis B can be either acute, lasting for 1-3 months, or chronic, lasting for a longer period, even a lifetime. It is an infection that causes inflammation in the liver. The virus is transmitted through infected blood or bodily fluids, such as during unprotected sex with an infected person or through the use of contaminated needles or equipment. Timely Hepatitis B Sexual Health Testing is crucial to prevent the spread of the virus and avoid potentially fatal complications.

Symptoms of Hepatitis B and Available Treatments

Common symptoms experienced by Hepatitis B patients include vomiting, fatigue, high body temperature, body aches, jaundice, and abdominal pain. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important to visit a doctor for testing. Acute infections can often be overcome within a few days with proper rest and painkillers, especially if the individual has a good immune system. However, chronic Hepatitis B can lead to complications such as cirrhosis or liver cancer, although the chance of developing liver cancer is relatively low at around 5%. Chronic infections require antiviral medication for treatment.

Preventive Measures for Hepatitis B

The first step in prevention is to schedule a sexual health testing appointment if you suspect you may have been exposed to Hepatitis B. Early detection can prevent further transmission and potentially fatal outcomes. Using condoms during sexual intercourse is essential to reduce the risk of transmission by blocking infected bodily fluids. If you and your sexual partner engage in injecting drugs and sharing needles, this can also spread the Hepatitis B virus. It is crucial to avoid sharing needles or any other objects that may be contaminated with infected blood.

Testing Options for Hepatitis B

Testing for Hepatitis B can be done at home using an at-home testing kit. However, for increased accuracy and certainty, it is recommended to book an appointment with a professional healthcare provider. The test typically involves a simple blood test, and results are usually available within a day.

Summing Up

Neglected Hepatitis B infection can increase the risk of contracting other diseases, such as HIV. Therefore, it is crucial to seek medical attention and get tested to prevent chronic conditions and transmission to sexual partners. Booking a sexual health testing appointment with an experienced and licensed healthcare provider ensures the best treatment and support. Easy Medical Centre offers Hepatitis B sexual health testing at reasonable rates, guaranteeing 100% accuracy. Schedule an appointment with us to prioritize your health and well-being.



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