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Crewe Medical Centre

Crewe Medical Centre 

When it comes to your health, making compromises in terms of the quality of healthcare you receive is a great risk. Minor errors can cause you a great deal. At the same time, one also cannot neglect the high cost and expenses of treatments and tests. If you, too, have been in a constant battle between finding Crewe medical center’s that provide you with the best diagnostics and are affordable, at the same time, this is for you. 

About Crewe Medical Centre

Crewe Medical Centre is a leading diagnostic centre that promises the best services. It uses the latest equipment and technologies to offer accurate and on-time results. With over 200 types of tests available, they cover a wide range of diagnostic procedures. From routine checkups to finding out about unexpected health conditions, they do it all. For everyone above the age of twelve, here are some of the tests they offer - 

·         Blood Tests- They offer different types of blood tests, such as CBC, which check sred and white blood cells, platelets, and more. It also helps in finding about infections, anemia, or other conditions. Blood tests also measures levels of things like sugar, electrolytes, and cholesterol, providing insights into your metabolism, organ function, and potential health risks. They can assess hormones like thyroid hormone, testosterone, or estrogen, helping diagnose hormonal imbalances.

·         Urine Tests- By analysing your urine, doctors can indicate dehydration. The presence of white blood cells or bacteria in urine can point towards urinary tract infections (UTIs). Traces of blood in urine might signal kidney problems, while high sugar levels could be a sign of diabetes.

·         Stool Sample- Microscopic blood in stool can indicate ulcers, inflammation, or other problems in the digestive tract. Stool tests can identify infections caused by worms, bacteria, or other nasty microbes. Abnormal stool consistency or the presence of fat can suggest malabsorption problems or other digestive disorders.

·         DNA tests - DNA tests such as paternity tests are also offered here. This helps in predicting the child’s biological parents with the help of a swab test.


Getting your body profile checked every 6 months can help in early diagnosis of several health conditions. For the best quality and diagnostic services, visit the Crewe Medical Centre today and keep better track of your health. With specialised care and well-trained support staff, all your healthcare needs will be taken care of here. Visit the centre today and ensure that you stay in the pink of your health.

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