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All You Need To Know About The PCR Test

PCR means Polymerase Chain Reaction. It aims to spot the presence of unwanted genetic variation, like virus genetic variation. The outcomes will show whether you have a virus or infection present in your body. Even after fully recovering from your sickness, the test may occasionally show signs of the virus.

The nasal swab PCR test for COVID-19 is reliable and exact. Positive results point to the COVID-19 virus's presence. If you tested negative for COVID-19, you likely did not have it. If you experience the symptoms or have come into touch with someone who does, get tested for COVID-19.

When to administer the PCR test?

Most of the time, people are unaware of the proper timing to administer the quick PCR test. Knowing when to use the Fast PCR test instead of other virus-detection tools available on the market is essential. The following conditions must exist before the fast PCR test can be performed:

  • Flu-like symptoms, chills, cough, breathing problems, loss of taste and smell, exhaustion, body aches, congestion, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting, among others.

  • Travelers should especially use the fast PCR test required for foreign travelers.

PCR Fit to Fly Test for International Travel

  • Get it done in 15 minutes for £65.

  • Obtain your results 24 to 48 hours after the test is completed.

  • A fast, convenient, and affordable travel test.

PCR COVID Test for Immediate Fit to Fly in Crewe

  • 24-hour urgent testing on-site (could be the same day result)

  • Get it done in 15 minutes for £130.

  • Obtain your findings within 24 hours after the exam is completed (any time the following day or even the same day results).

  • Kindly contact us if you need results on the same day.

  • A fast, convenient, and affordable travel test.

Fit to Fly Postal Kit for PCR COVID Test

  • Self-Testing Home Kit

  • The time required is 1 min for £60 at Customer's Place.

  • Nowadays, to enter most countries, you must show documentation of a Covid-19 test that is negative. This document also called a "Fit To Fly Certificate," is frequently used.

  • You must know the conditions and limitations of entering the nation you wish to visit. Also, you must ensure that you collect your sample per the precise timelines established by the nation where you intend to travel.

  • For complete information on all foreign requirements, go through the government website.

Wrapping up

Consult our experts at Easy Medical Centre if you are thinking about having a PCR test conducted. We are amongst the leading medical centers with the best technologies. We give our patients access to the resources needed to create improved healthcare outcomes. Visit our website or contact us to find out more about our services.

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