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Guide to DNA Health Testing

DNA is a nucleic acid molecule present in our cells and is responsible for the expression of traits in humans and other living beings. With the advancement in medical science and technology, it has become possible to read genomic sequences in DNA and identify or predict health conditions. This is called DNA health testing.


DNA tests are good for identifying medical conditions, diet requirements, and maybe fertility. These are also used to identify parents, siblings, criminals, etc. This blog post will mainly focus on the health aspect of DNA testing.

Diseases That DNA Testing Can Identify

Nowadays, people have access to knowledge of the medical field and are also self-concerned regarding any abnormal signal from their bodies. Some of the problems are mentioned below for which DNA health testing can be done as a method of diagnosis:


●       Lactose Intolerance DNA Test:

In a lactose intolerance condition, a person is unable to process and digest lactose sugar. Different kits meant for the DNA test for lactose intolerance determine or predict the presence or absence of lactase by indicating whether an individual has inherited the genes that relate to lactase persistence or non-persistence. Thus, they help explain why discomfort occurs upon the consumption of dairy products.


●       Genetic Predisposition Test:

Genetic predisposition tests diagnose a multitude of diseases, considering the presence of specific genes that can potentially lead to these health problems. These tests give an insight into the chances of developing diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.


●       Celiac Disease Genetic Test:

Celiac disease can be described as an autoimmune condition that takes place when gluten is consumed, as it causes harm to the small intestines. The celiac disease test is designed to identify genes that indicate a predisposition to the disorder. Having these genes, however, does not guarantee that the person will definitely develop celiac disease.


●       Fertility DNA Test:

Fertility DNA tests make it possible to establish genetic propensities to fertility issues, aspects that can be crucial in the process of choosing the appropriate strategy for family expansion. These tests are also useful in determining whether one is a carrier for certain genes and predisposed to problems such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, and male infertility.


Genetic testing for health and well-being opens the door to a world of customised health care and positive lifestyle management. The major advantages of DNA health testing are personalised health insights, informed dietary choices, and early detection and prevention of diseases.


If you want to get your DNA test and be sure about your health and overall body susceptibility, then you can visit Easy Medical Centre by prior appointment booking and easily get your tests done as per the doctor’s suggestions.

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