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All You Need to Know About Using a Medical Driver

An HGV driver must be in generally good health to legally operate a commercial vehicle on a public road. Each new driver must submit the necessary paperwork (D4) to the DVLA and undergo an HGV medical assessment to meet this requirement. A new medical exam is essential each time a candidate's license is renewed. No matter if you want to drive a truck or a bus, the exam is the same. The most important thing to realize is that a doctor cannot evaluate if you are fit to operate a commercial vehicle; they can only complete the D4 medical examination form. The DVLA decides if you are qualified to operate a vehicle.

Additional Skills Required

A qualified ambulance driver can get emergency vehicles to a site as quickly and securely as feasible. They could also help the emergency medical technicians (EMTs) who are driving their ambulances as they move patients from stretchers to vehicles and back again. Additionally, they should be able to perform CPR and provide first assistance if necessary. Emergency medical technicians are different from ambulance drivers (EMTs).

The HGV Medical is Divided into Two Sections:

The interview is the first stage, during which the candidate and the doctor go through any health issues that would make it difficult for them to drive safely. Additionally, the medical past is covered. Candidates are expected to be honest and upfront during this discussion. Future mishaps or infractions might expose dishonesty, which could have detrimental effects.

The doctor will assess the candidate's vital signs, eyesight, and other things during the physical examination that makes up the second portion of the medical. Typically, the test is completed in little more than 30 minutes. The attending physician completes an official DVLA form during the examination and submits it to the relevant authorities.

Medical Fitness

A doctor will do your HGV physical and look at several specific things. As long as your health is generally good, you shouldn't have any problems. But certain serious conditions could make it impossible for you to perform as a professional driver.

Additionally, if you currently hold a license and later develop certain medical problems, your license may be converted from the usual format to a short-term type. To maintain their licenses, temporary license holders must undergo more regular medical examinations.


The HGV medical examination ensures that all Medical Drivers are fit enough to drive their vehicles securely. It is a fantastic tool that significantly increases the safety of our roads. If you are considering becoming an HGV driver, we strongly advise you not to let a small medical problem prevent you from applying. At the very least, get a checkup and see how you do.

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